Sunday, February 20, 2011

I May Have Mentioned This Before

We had a bit of a warm up this past week.  Temperatures rose to the mid 50s and things started to thaw.  Of course, the sun still  hid its shining face, but the warmth was enough to lighten my heart.  Now we're back down in the teens, and the sun is shining.  Go figure.  I am not usually one to wish winter away.  I appreciate the special kind of quiet the permeates the outdoors during our snow laden months.  Sounds are muffled yet crisp, and I love it.  But I'm ready for the lazy days of summer, which are not lazy at all.  I'm ready for the waterways to open back up, to watch life float by at the pace of the current.  I'm ready for the ducks to come back.

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