Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Hate Being Cold

More than just about anything, I hate being cold.  Chilly, I can handle.  But bone aching, shiver enducing cold, I cannot stand.  And lucky me, it's -20F tonight with a windchill that makes it feel much colder.  As if that wasn't quite enough, our furnace has decided to not work right tonight.  It runs, then stops and we have to manually rest it to get it to run, then it stops again.  We've already had a repairman here once today, and it looks as if he may be making a return visit.  I am so ready to not be cold anymore.  Please, dear Lord, make it warmer.  I'd settle for a nice solid 0 degrees.  5 would be better.  If this keeps up, I may just get in the car (praying the cold hasn't killed the battery) and drive south until I hit water.  Actually, that sounds better and better.  I've never been to Florida.  I think I should go.  Now.

And you know what the irony of the whole situation is?  Just this past week I was admiring the snow and taking pictures upon pictures of it for my Project 52.  The theme this past week was "Shades of Gray" and with the colorless landscape and deep shadows and snow, that's exactly what they were.  They don't have snow in southern Florida.  And I'd miss it, because I really do love snow.  It's the bitter, too cold to snow, subzero temperatures that I can't handle.  Blah.

On a brighter note, the Packers are going to the Super Bowl.  Make of it what you will.

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