Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 1/52~ Week 1

I've thought about doing a project 365 for a while now, but doubt my ability to remain committed to it.  It's partly a time thing, and partly an interest thing.  So, instead, I'm stealing an idea from MCP Actions and attempting a project 1/52, which only requires me to take one photograph a week.  I think this is much more manageable!  Wish me luck!

So, week one has come to a close, and I did in fact go out and shoot some stuff this week.  Here's my week one offering...

I was riding in my husband's truck, returning from a trip to a neighboring town where we had had lunch together, when I spotted this tower at an abandoned factory along the road.  I was having a rough day.  We recently had a death in the family, my husband's grandfather, and the loss has been a more difficult adjustment than I anticipated.  My husband came home early that day to a crying mess of a wife.  He made all the right noises, and then suggested the impromptu trip in an attempt to cheer me up.  As we passed this abandoned structure, I knew I wanted to shoot it.  Something about the austere loneliness of the abandoned site really resonated with me.  I saw this aging, rusted out tower standing sentinel over an abandoned structure with peeling roof tiles and broken out windows and thought about how insidious decay can be.  Left unchecked, it destroys everything it touches.  Like the cancer that invaded Grandpa's body, moving slowly and deliberately to overwhelm what was once healthy tissue.  Of course, it's not a cancer that is melting away the integrity of this tower.  It's the ravages of nature.  Wind.  Rain.  Ice.  Left unchecked, they are breaking down the site to it's elemental level.  At times, I feel as if the natural world is always seeking to claim what man imposes upon it.  And then I remember that man is a product of the natural world, and find comfort in the fact that God reclaims his own.  In life and in death.

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